What Makes A Good Bar?

Bars have become an essential part of modern life. Whether you want a pint and some snacks or a craft brew with a three-course meal – there is a bar for you.

With their increased popularity, you will find new businesses springing up all the time, but the question stands: what makes a good pub? At Goddards Brewery we have spent years establishing relationships with a wide range of venues so let us give you our tips on what to look out for.

The Seating Options

This might seem like an obvious choice, but it is not something to overlook. You will spend most of your evening sitting down, so do you really want to do it on a hard bar stool?

A bar with comfy seats, booths, or armchairs should be your go-to option as you can bring anyone from your work colleagues to your parents and know they will be comfortable. A rustic themed bench might look good, but you’re not going to want to spend hours there.

A venue with comfortable cool surroundings is sure to become a favorite hang-out.

The Tables

How often have you tried to balance your drink on a wobbly table that seems set on spilling half of it? Or have you got peckish and ordered some snacks, only to find they don’t all fit on the table?

One big mistake bar owners fall into is prioritizing aesthetics over functionality – you are there to eat and drink – not just take pictures. Trying to squeeze too many small tables into one location is another crucial error.

The Drinks

This sounds like an obvious choice, but all too often you find yourself in a bar with a limited drinks list. An establishment that has tried to cut corners by ordering fewer options sabotages itself in the long run as the customers won’t return.

You need to be able to order the drink you want at the price you want. There’s no point going somewhere that will break the bank every time.

A nice range at a good price will keep you going back for ‘just one drink’ time and time again.

The Food

When you drink you will want a snack – it is an inevitable part of life – so your favorite bar must have the options you need. If a portion of chips costs more than double a drink, then it’s not the place for you.

You should be also able to load up on little bits or have a good size meal those nights when drinking isn’t a priority. The difference between a good bar and your regular bar is versatility so once you find that – never let it go!