What Is The Best Bar Food?

Bar food is an essential part of every night out – even if you are going for one drink – you will end up wanting a little something to go with it. The options are endless, but some items go above and beyond.

Whether you came hungry, got hungry, or are hungry just thinking about snacks – here are some things that should be ordered on sight:

Any Sort Of Fries

Not all fries were created equal, however they are always the go-to move for anyone needing a snack. The beautiful thing about them is the options they provide – skinny fries or chunky chips? Curly fries or waffle?

Or better still – loaded fries… Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or wanted chilli on top, they are the gold star bar food that always go down well.

Onion Rings

Another classic that deserves a lot more recognition than they get. These breaded rings of goodness are like fries, but just that bit better.

Even the fussiest eater is appeased when handed an onion ring dipped in sauce and you can convince yourself they count towards your five-a-day. What’s not to love?


What’s better than tortilla chips? Tortilla chips baked and covered in cheese.

These aren’t the easiest food to eat and might be avoided on a first date, but they remain a bar classic. You can have the sauce on the side for the fussy members of the group, or have it dripping depending on your preference.

They are versatile, delicious and cheap – the holy trinity of food.

Chicken/Cauliflower Wings

Another messy eat, but it is worth getting sticky fingers for a wing. Not only are they already flavored – they come with a dipping sauce, which is just as good.

Whether you like spicy or sweet, they have the options. Looking for just plain chicken with a side of sauce?

No problem. Get a basket of wings and get stuck in – just make sure you have tissues ready for the clean-up!

Mozzarella Dippers

If cheese wasn’t already great enough, this is breaded, deep-fried and served piping hot with a tomato sauce. Good for adults and children alike this is a firm favorite, which is perfect for sharing and delicate enough for a delicious date snack.

Treat yourself to some gooey goodness and you won’t regret it. The only problem will be trying to resist ordering more!