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There’s nothing like a good beer and Goddard’s Brewery is dedicated to making every beer taste just right. We have earned our stripes as the Isle of Wight’s oldest brewery so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the perfect pint.

The magic takes place at Barnsley Farm where our ales have been brewing and enjoying the view since 1993. We use fresh local ingredients and you can taste the difference it makes. Goddard’s are also long standing partners with the internationally famous Rye River Irish Craft Beer Brewery.

Whether you want a classic blonde ale, a specialty brew or a gluten free vegan pint – Goddards Brewery has just the stuff.

The Importance Of Proper Cleaning For Restaurants

Food dates are always an amazing experience that everyone looks forward to indulging in. Good food and spectacular service will make most of your customers want to come back and enjoy the same feeling twice. But what do clients notice even more? The level of cleanliness in your restaurant. Having good food and wonderful services is not enough, you need to ensure that your restaurant achieves high standards of cleanness.

Why is it important for a restaurant to maintain a high level of cleanliness?

Good Service On The Side Of The Customers.

Having served your customers with the most delicious delicacies and drinks on your menu is not enough, your customers need to enjoy their food in a clean environment. Ensuring that your customers are seated in a clean area is as equally important as serving them with good food. A clean place creates a good first impression of you as a person and speaks volumes about your restaurant as well. This alone could bring you more customers and ensure that the restaurant is thriving.

Portrays A Good Image Of The Food Served.

A clean restaurant guarantees the safety of the food that is being made in the restaurant. A clean restaurant most definitely has also got a clean kitchen where the food is being prepared. If the place is visibly dirty, the customers will automatically assume the food has been prepared in a dirty environment and is, therefore, a health risk. A dirty restaurant stands to gain no profit, it is always important to have a clean restaurant to attract many customers as possible. Regular cleaning of the kitchen and other exposed spots around your restaurant will surely translate to high levels of cleanness in due time.

Creates A Good Feeling.

A good restaurant creates a good experience and feeling. Enjoying a clean environment while munching your delicious food is a spectacular feeling that one would want to feel again and again. People tend to go to restaurants that always make them feel comfortable. You can’t achieve this by having unwiped tables, sticky floors, and dusty cutleries. Customers will be disgusted and will never return to the same restaurant again. Ensuring all is clean is the best way to keep the clients coming back for more.

Speaks Volume About You And The Business.

In most instances, how you conduct business speaks volumes. A dirty restaurant portrays a bad image of the whole restaurant. It shows that there is no particular order followed to run a business in the restaurant. Once the business has been painted in this negative picture it could be the end of the restaurant. No one wants to dine in a filthy place therefore it is always a wise decision as a restaurant owner to invest in cleanness as much as you invest in great food.

Authorities Consider It For Licensing Purposes

Your restaurant can be shut down if it does not pass the food safety standard test by the authorities. These measures are to ensure that the clients are eating in a safe environment.

Getting your restaurant cleaned by a commercial cleaner is usually the best decision you can make when it comes to keeping the restaurant clean. Certain benefits come from getting a professional restaurant cleaning company.


Having professional cleaners means that they are going to do a high-quality job. You are sure that they have the equipment, personnel, and skills required to clean the restaurant properly. Professional restaurant cleaning services have an idea of what is required for restaurant cleaning checks by the authorities. This will ensure that your restaurant passes these tests and gains a great reputation.

Thorough Cleaning

A professional service will provide thorough cleaning services because you have hired them specifically for that job. If you give it to the employees in the restaurant, they will most likely not do it as thoroughly. This is why getting professionals is desirable. As a place that must maintain optimum cleanliness levels, the restaurant will be in better hands with a professional cleaning crew. They also have tips to ensure they get all the grease, stains, food particles, etc out. This way, you will not have to deal with issues such as pests. Proper and thorough cleaning is the only way to ensure no nasty pests come about the restaurant, especially the kitchen.

Safety Of Equipment

You need your restaurant to make profits so you should make sure all the equipment is safe. A professional knows how to clean while ensuring that the kitchen appliances are not damaged. Any other cleaner may end up damaging what you value most in the place. A professional will ensure that all the surfaces are gleaming and the surroundings pleasant to look at.

No Disruptions.

Having professional cleaners do the work ensures that you will not have disruptions during restaurant hours. Having the staff clean the place can be unreliable and you may end up disrupting normal functions in the place. This will become an issue in the end. In addition to that, you will probably have to pay the staff overtime pay when they have cleaning duties. That means that eventually, the budget for overtime will become too much. It is best to invest that money in a professional cleaning service once and for all.

When hiring a cleaning service it is best to go for one that has flexible hours so that they can work with your schedule. You also need to check that they are insured against damages.

Using The Best Cooking Oil For Restaurants

When you are thinking about building a strong menu for your restaurant, it is important to start with the fundamentals such as cooking oils. This is such an important ingredient and it is something business owners don’t think about as much as they should. When you are trying to build a good menu, you have to look for the best oil for cooking.

When you are making the choice, only go with the best.

Here is what you are going to want to look for when it comes time to make a selection. When you look at these qualities, the oils will work out in your favour.


Being able to go with cooking oil that is fully certified is a must. There is nothing worse than looking at different oils, comparing them, and choosing something that is deemed to be uncertified and/or unsafe. This is when you are going to end up taking a massive risk on your shoulders as a restaurant owner and it isn’t going to be worth it as time goes on. Your goal should be to build a menu that is going to work well for years to come and is going to keep customers safe as soon as they put in the order and the meal arrives at their table.


How lightweight is the cooking oil when it is put to use in your recipes?

A restaurant owner has to be deliberate when it comes to the recipe they are putting together. Don’t use a solution that may taste great but isn’t going to be lightweight as that is going to take away from the recipe. There are many cooking oils that seem okay but tend to overweigh all of the other ingredients in your recipe. This is the last thing you want because it is going to take away from your overall recipe.


Great Taste

It is the taste that a lot of people don’t think about as they ponder over what works and what doesn’t. Your goal should be to find something that tastes the part and is going to bring a smile to your face as soon as it is put on the menu. With the right type of cooking oil, you will know it is the real deal and the taste is going to be on par with what you have always wanted. This is key for any restaurant owner that is selective about what they are going with and what they are using for different recipes. Find some of the tastiest here.

Easy to Use

Something that is easy to use has to be considered a good option. You want to go with oils that aren’t going to get in the way of your recipes nor are they going to take up too much of your time during the meal preparation stage. This happens all the time when restaurant owners go with the wrong oils and then try to make them work. Your goal should always be to find something that is as simple as it needs to be. This will ensure you are happy with the results and it works out in your favour.

Consistent Quality

The quality is something you want to think about because sometimes specific oils aren’t going to be as good with certain ingredients. The right type of cooking oil is one that is going to work well with a variety of ingredients. This is a must when you are running a large restaurant and want to appeal to others that are eating at your location. Don’t go with an oil that works here and there because that’s not going to set the right tone for your establishment. Only go with the best.


How refined is the oil once it has been included in your recipe? There is no reason to go with a solution that may seem good but isn’t going to work out well because it isn’t refined. This is true for any type of ingredient that is going to be included in your recipes. The value of something that is truly refined will stand out and it is going to set the tone for the rest of your menu. Only choose oils that are the real deal and are going to have that quality to them you seek.


Yes, it is important to think about the budget when you are looking at different oils. Some of the finest oils on the market aren’t as affordable as you would want them to be and this is something a restaurant owner has to mull over. You don’t want to end up with something that is too costly and isn’t going to be worth it from an accounting perspective. Remember, you are still running a business and the goal is to earn money along the way. If that is what you want, affordability has to be at the top of your list.


As a restaurant owner, you are going to have to pay attention to what a customer is eating because they will remain picky throughout the experience. Don’t use cooking oil that is unsafe and/or isn’t going to work well with the other ingredients. This is a legitimate concern as a restaurant owner and it is something you are not going to want to face as soon as you put together a menu. Go with the best, so you are safe and feel under control at all times.

When it comes to the best cooking oil, it is all about finding these qualities. As long as you do this, the solution will work wonders for your restaurant and it is going to be a no-brainer moving forward. There is nothing worse than choosing an oil that is unsafe, unusable, or simply inefficient when it comes to the taste profile. It is smarter to select something that is truly refined and is going to be a great addition to the menu as soon as it is included in a recipe. Start here and know you have made the right choice.

What Is The Best Bar Food?

Bar food is an essential part of every night out – even if you are going for one drink – you will end up wanting a little something to go with it. The options are endless, but some items go above and beyond.

Whether you came hungry, got hungry, or are hungry just thinking about snacks – here are some things that should be ordered on sight:

Any Sort Of Fries

Not all fries were created equal, however they are always the go-to move for anyone needing a snack. The beautiful thing about them is the options they provide – skinny fries or chunky chips? Curly fries or waffle?

Or better still – loaded fries… Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or wanted chilli on top, they are the gold star bar food that always go down well.

Onion Rings

Another classic that deserves a lot more recognition than they get. These breaded rings of goodness are like fries, but just that bit better.

Even the fussiest eater is appeased when handed an onion ring dipped in sauce and you can convince yourself they count towards your five-a-day. What’s not to love?


What’s better than tortilla chips? Tortilla chips baked and covered in cheese.

These aren’t the easiest food to eat and might be avoided on a first date, but they remain a bar classic. You can have the sauce on the side for the fussy members of the group, or have it dripping depending on your preference.

They are versatile, delicious and cheap – the holy trinity of food.

Chicken/Cauliflower Wings

Another messy eat, but it is worth getting sticky fingers for a wing. Not only are they already flavored – they come with a dipping sauce, which is just as good.

Whether you like spicy or sweet, they have the options. Looking for just plain chicken with a side of sauce?

No problem. Get a basket of wings and get stuck in – just make sure you have tissues ready for the clean-up!

Mozzarella Dippers

If cheese wasn’t already great enough, this is breaded, deep-fried and served piping hot with a tomato sauce. Good for adults and children alike this is a firm favorite, which is perfect for sharing and delicate enough for a delicious date snack.

Treat yourself to some gooey goodness and you won’t regret it. The only problem will be trying to resist ordering more!

What Makes A Good Bar?

Bars have become an essential part of modern life. Whether you want a pint and some snacks or a craft brew with a three-course meal – there is a bar for you.

With their increased popularity, you will find new businesses springing up all the time, but the question stands: what makes a good pub? At Goddards Brewery we have spent years establishing relationships with a wide range of venues so let us give you our tips on what to look out for.

The Seating Options

This might seem like an obvious choice, but it is not something to overlook. You will spend most of your evening sitting down, so do you really want to do it on a hard bar stool?

A bar with comfy seats, booths, or armchairs should be your go-to option as you can bring anyone from your work colleagues to your parents and know they will be comfortable. A rustic themed bench might look good, but you’re not going to want to spend hours there.

A venue with comfortable cool surroundings is sure to become a favorite hang-out.

The Tables

How often have you tried to balance your drink on a wobbly table that seems set on spilling half of it? Or have you got peckish and ordered some snacks, only to find they don’t all fit on the table?

One big mistake bar owners fall into is prioritizing aesthetics over functionality – you are there to eat and drink – not just take pictures. Trying to squeeze too many small tables into one location is another crucial error.

The Drinks

This sounds like an obvious choice, but all too often you find yourself in a bar with a limited drinks list. An establishment that has tried to cut corners by ordering fewer options sabotages itself in the long run as the customers won’t return.

You need to be able to order the drink you want at the price you want. There’s no point going somewhere that will break the bank every time.

A nice range at a good price will keep you going back for ‘just one drink’ time and time again.

The Food

When you drink you will want a snack – it is an inevitable part of life – so your favorite bar must have the options you need. If a portion of chips costs more than double a drink, then it’s not the place for you.

You should be also able to load up on little bits or have a good size meal those nights when drinking isn’t a priority. The difference between a good bar and your regular bar is versatility so once you find that – never let it go!

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